Our goal is to provide people with a microcosm farm experience of plants and where food comes from. We believe that Regenerative Agriculture is the healthiest way to grow plants. We want to educate youth about why this is important and show how it works, as well as produce food to give to organizations feeding homeless youth.

Regenerative Agriculture

Educating youth about regenerative agriculture offers long-term benefits: It is the best way to curb pollution and global warming. Regenerative Agriculture will sequester the most carbon, clean our water systems and restore soil health, gut health and brain health. 

Home Gardens

One way to improve the health of our soil, people, and the environment is to plant our own backyards. Growing food in our backyards or on the sides of buildings allows us to take control of what we eat. One tomato plant at a time! Additionally, our Fortuna Ranch Farm Sanctuary gardens support providing food for homeless youth!

Planting Trees

Trees are a direct food source that can meet the global demand for nutrient dense food instead of factory farming animals, the latter which is cruel and the largest source of pollution for our injured planet. Plus, trees produce fresh fruit which provides nutritional options that Fortuna Ranch Farm Sanctuary donates to homeless youth.

Freeze Dried Fruit

Fruit can be freeze dried to last up to 20 years, only losing 2-3% of nutrients. This makes the best use of excess tree produce, while minimizing waste, as tree production continues to heal our environment. In order to offer more long-term nutrition solutions, Fortuna Ranch Farm Sanctuary freeze dries fruit for organizations supporting homeless youth.

We are passionate about educating youth about the connection between soil, gut, and brain health. As we provide youth with more resources, the more they can begin integrating small daily changes.

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Fortuna Agroforest Solution

  • Our Vision: Plant as many trees as possible in order to provide nutritional options for homeless youth!
  • Utilizing carbon sequestration and regenerative agriculture, our Fortuna Agroforest Solution seeks to produce food while nurturing our planet.
  • With both fresh and freeze dried processes, we supply organic high-soil-quality fruits and nuts to organizations supporting homeless youth. Freeze dried fruit provides sustainable snacks long-term while minimizing nutrient loss.

Goal: 500 types of trees for healthy food sources


  • $20/month supports harvesting & tree maintenance
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Continued Education

Learn more from some of our top resources about how you can make small changes today to be part of a bigger change tomorrow!
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