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To impact the next generation, Fortuna Ranch Farm Sanctuary stands by empowering youth to step into their passion, purpose, and creating positive change - as well as providing education on the connection between gut, soil, and brain health. This will have the greatest impact not only on youth, but also on our planet.

Our Mission

Provide educational, interactive experiences for the next generation to get hands in the soil and be empowered with knowledge and create actionable plans for positive change. 

Building a healthy planet begins with healthy people.


What Fortuna Ranch Farm Sanctuary seeks to provide educational resources around

Chemical Pollution

Chemical-based factory farming leads to toxic pollution. Standard farming practices farm 1-2 crops per year, without taking into account soil health. Soil health links to gut health, which links to brain health, and ultimately mental health.


An herbicide and active ingredient in weed killer products. The agriculture industry applies it directly to genetically modified food. It leeches into food, water system, is distilled into air and ultimately into your body, causing cancer and autoimmune diseases.

Factory Farming

Consolidated, large-scale operations that raise hundreds to thousands of animals yearly. Focus is on maximum production at  cheapest cost—which comes at  expense of animal welfare and environmental health. On average, 9.5 billion animals are killed in the US annually.

Continued Education

Learn more from our top resources about how you can make small changes today to be part of a bigger change tomorrow!

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Look forward to continued educational resources as we live out this purpose to provide more people with health-provoking knowledge.

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