At Fortuna Ranch Farm Sanctuary, we seek to lead by example. We provide a small example of giving people an experience with farm animals and a better understanding of where food comes from.

We want to sustainably rescue animals so that people can experience animals as friends not food.

We limit the number of animals but will increase that based on the amount of grazing land (this includes rotational practices), infrastructure, personnel and budget. We are not a petting zoo but a sustainable solution that allows animals to work with the land and plants in order to restore the soil.

Meet Some Friends!


A purebred Oberhasli, she was a breeding doe for several years. She was over bred which has caused her to have udder problems and immune issues late in life. When it was time for her to stop breeding, she needed a home and we gladly adopted Jeannie into our family. She now loves lots of rubbings and love and enjoys using people as itching posts! She has a sweet heart and spirit!


Millie is a purebred Nubian goat. She was supposed to be a dairy goat but now she is with us! She is sweet, brave and curious! She likes to follow me around when I’m doing my pasture chores and wait patiently for pets and rubbings. We love to watch her run as she is so dainty when she runs and jumps around!  She lost her twin brother in March 2019, which was very hard for all of us, but she is strong spirited and enjoys her herd mates.


Fritzl is a purebred Oberhasli and is Grant's brother! Since he has been with us, we have seen him grow from the smallest goat in the herd to one with the biggest spirit! He is brave and loves going up against any of the goats in head butting! And if he’s around when I open up the food bin, he will jump right in and make himself at home (or he’s learned to open it himself)! He is one sweet and funny boy!  As he has grown and matured, he has done whatever he can to establish himself in the herd - we think he has his eye on being herd leader!

General Grant

General Grant is a purebred Oberhasli. He went to live with another neighbor with his half brother Fritzl, but started hanging out at our farm when his family wasn’t able to care for him. After spending months living with us, we were finally able to fully adopt him into his forever home! He is a bit mischievous but not in a bad way – in a goat way! He’s energetic and does like to hop up on people when he’s excited for food. He is bonded with Fritzl and his dad is Henry! He’s a sweet boy with a great spirit for fun and adventure and oh boy does he give the best goat kisses ever!


Charlie is a nubian goat rescued by a family in Los Angeles from someone they believed raised goats for meat. This family contacted Farm Sanctuary, who contacted us, and from there, we welcomed Charlie to our sanctuary in August 2020 when he was around 12 weeks old! After some quarantine time and herd introduction time, Charlie established his place in the herd. He’s spirited, brave and like many young goat kids, loves to run and hop and have lots of fun! We are very excited to watch Charlie grow and learn!  Charlie has some distinguishing characteristics.  One is a mangled left ear, as he was attacked by a dog before his rescue - thankfully he survived!  He also has "wattles" or tassels on his throat - they serve no purpose but they are super cute!

Mick Jagger

Mick Jagger came to us in January 2019 when he was around a year or two old! He was a breeding goat living in an enclosure with minimal protection from the sun and rain. On the day we brought him to his new home, it was pouring rain and he was huddled in a corner of his pen in the mud soaking wet and shivering. He was so incredibly happy when we took him to our warm barn with other goat friends he could play with! He LOVES to eat and play!  Jagger unfortunately developed early arthritis in his front right hoof and left leg, but thankfully we have found some joint supplements that have helped him get back on his feet. While it hasn’t cured him, it has allowed him to be mobile and play with his friends!



We are so excited to welcome two female Oberhasli goats to our herd!  They came to us in January 2021. Three-year-old Venus is Henry’s daughter, so Fritzl and General Grant are her half-brothers! Serena’s mother was another one of Henry’s daughters, while her dad is the one and only Mick Jagger.  Our neighbor kindly gave these girls an early retirement to the sanctuary life. Serena takes Venus’ lead, though both have been very cautious as they grow accustomed to their new home. They more recently started to open up and show their personalities, and they have gotten very comfortable sleeping in a warm, cozy barn with their new herd mates. Stay tuned for more on these two lovely girls! 

Maggie Q

Daisy Duke

Maggie Q and Daisy Duke came to us from a kind soul who rescued them from a backyard farm. They were deemed worthless by the owner who was “going to kill them” because Of problems with having kids.  Well, they certainly are priceless to us!  Maggie Q is a gentle girl, a bit of a loner, but does not like to be too far apart from Daisy!  She smiles for pictures and is great at sticking her tongue out!  Daisy is more aloof but has warmed up to the rest of the herd more.  Both came malnourished and with hoof, udder and skin problems but after a few months of good care they are flourishing with healthy coats and sweet spirits!

Our Newcomers

Princess Laya


Han Solo

Princess Laya came to us with her twin brother and best friend - we had to go with the Star Wars theme right?  They were clearly scared of a new place when they arrived but Laya boldly took the first step and that is the essence of Laya.  She is curious and courageous even as she figures her way through joining a bigger herd.  She loves to be near humans she trusts for rubs and scratches and she continues to keep a watchful eye over her brother no matter where he is.  As for Luke, he is an observer and a little more shy than his sister but also reminds me of a handsome, distinguished gentleman!  We love to watch him run as he tends to bounce as he runs!  He came to us with a botched horn job that we had to operate on, so he’s been a brave boy who now loves getting his head scratched!  He has started to venture out with some of the other goats but he still makes his way back to Laya.  Then there is Han Solo.  He has the aloof handsome part of the character down but he's still very wary and unsure of humans.  It will take some time for him to trust though each week that goes by, we make progress which warms our hearts.  He is such a sweet boy, always watchful.  It is awesome to now see him laying comfortably with the herd, wandering around with new friends, and staying faithful to his two besties Luke & Laya, but it really seems so far that he is developing a bond with Serena so stay tuned!

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