Fortuna Ranch Farm Sanctuary

We promote compassionate animal rescue, regenerative agriculture and educating the next generation.

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Fortuna Ranch Farm Sanctuary Pillars


Our mission is to rescue farm animals and provide them with dignity, health and love. We offer a facility where they can roam, graze and live a full life. It also gives people a local experience to show them that animals are friends not food.


Plants are the solution to factory farming and are a direct food source that can meet the global demand for nutrient-dense food. The microbiome of soil is the key to overall health and mental health. The connection to soil-gut-brain-environment is a direct link that is essential to our survival and hope.


The next generation is our future; for this reason we have a core focus on youth. Passion, Purpose and Positive Change looks to give youth a real hope for the future.  The #1 cause of death of youth globally is pollution & glyphosates, along with suicide, homicide and car accidents

Fortuna Ranch Farm Sanctuary exists to give people an experience of where their food comes from and how a compassionate approach to caring for farm animals is possible.

Our solution for environmental degradation and the food crisis is regenerative agriculture, paving a way for a brighter future.

We know that the next generation is the key to bringing about sustainable change. Regenerative education and providing positive experiences to bring lasting change.

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