FRFS is passionate about providing education about the link between soil, gut, and mental health. What we consume, and where it comes from, truly does make a difference in our lives.

Look forward to continued educational resources as we live out this purpose to provide more people with health-provoking knowledge.

Regenerative Agriculture

Educating youth about regenerative agriculture offers long-term benefits: It is the best way to curb pollution and global warming. Regenerative Agriculture will sequester the most carbon, clean our water systems and restore soil health, gut health and brain health. 

We are passionate about educating youth on the connection between what we put into our bodies, where it comes from, and how it impacts our mental health. As we provide youth with more resources, the more they can begin integrating small daily changes.

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Join us at on-site at the farm in Encinitas! Saturday mornings, come get hands in the soil & join farm efforts.

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Give back financially to further fund education & supporting the animals on the farm.

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When you utilize our MPWRD Realtor Locator for your investment needs, a portion of your investment funds the farm.

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Youth Coach Training

Know someone who could be an impactful Youth Life Coach? When they join the MPWRD program, their enrollment helps support the farm!

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FRFS & MPWRD Partnership


  • Train as many Youth Life Coaches with youth coaching model and environmental education
  • Promote interconnectedness of soil-gut-brain-environment to bring about  positive change for the next generation
  • Live MPWRD Youth Life Coaching Training model has been proven to be effective and simple
  • Train others to bring this to as many youth as possible for maximum impact!
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